Welcome To My World 🖤

December 20, 2019

Oh Heyyy!!! I’m so excited to finally start this blog! I have so much on my heart to share with the world and I’ve created this space to do just that.

I am absolutely obsessed with helping women restore their child like confidence, learn to fully love and trust themselves, and live life Unapologetic AF for who they are and where they’ve been.


On my heart this morning is the bullshit trend of bully marketing. You know, those “you need this or you won’t succeed” marketing tactics. What the fuck even is that?

I don’t believe in bullying people to buy your products and services. When you people do this, they’re preying on people’s insecurities and making them feel bad or inadequate just to make a sale.

Not only does this attract needy and insecure clients and customers, but you’re also attracting the negativity and lack mindset that those people hold in their energy field.

And guess what?

You then get to absorb that negative energy and now have a client or customer who will either not do the work, need constant hand holding, or just someone who is going to drain you and won’t be in alignment for what you have to give.

How much more beautiful will it be to come from a place of love, abundance, joy and inspiration?

Lead from that place and your life and business will be full of a vibrant and delicious energy you can be proud of.

You’re here to make an impact. You’re here to spread love. Do it with support and encouragement vs bullshit bully marketing.

Massive Love & Welcome to My World




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